What should i wear?

Your senior portraits should be a representation of YOU. Think about what your favorite pieces of clothing are and put together outfits around those! The key to a well rounded session is variety and accessories. Choose outfits that range from formal to casual that have a various neck lines and lengths. Then finish them off with accessories like jewelry, jackets, hats or scarves. Follow #jephotogoutfitideas to get more wardrobe inspiration!

Did you know that I can actually help you choose the perfect outfits? We get together before your session for a styling consultation and I can help you narrow down your favorite looks, choose shoes to match each outfit or pull pieces right out of your closet!

how much will it cost?

Senior Portraits only happen once in your life and should be an investment. You are about to start a new chapter and it’s the perfect time to document who you are at this point in your life. Why not give yourself the best experience you can with high-end heirloom products to match? Contact me for a link to the Senior Magazine that includes all the details on how a session works and a full product menu.


Sessions start at $220

Collections range from $750-$2400

Average total investment is $1500-2850+

  • The Session fee is due at the time of booking to officially reserve the session date.

  • The Order Retainer (determined by session choice) is paid at the styling consult.

  • Half of the balance is due when the order is placed.

  • Remainder of the balance is due at order delivery.

This process keeps payment spread out over the entire senior process. Please don’t hesitate to ask about payment plans.

Referral Program: Refer a friend and you BOTH get $50 off your order! Just make sure they mention your name when they book.

Where are you located?

I am located near Iowa City but everything I do is on-location and I come to you! Styling consults and order appointments happen in your home or designated meeting spot and we plan your session based around the styles you want so that every session is unique. Once products are ready I will personally deliver them to you.

what if I live far away?

No worries! We can plan facetime or skype meetings for your consult and order; then you can choose an area or town that you like. Maybe you want to check out Iowa City and get locations that none of your friends will have OR I can come to you and scout the perfect spots in your home town. Mileage and travel expenses will be determined case by case.

Can I get digital files of my pics?

Of course! We live in a digital age and most people love to share their images electronically or print them themselves. You can purchase the entire set of retouched ePortraits from your session or choose only your favorites. The two most popular collections include all the digitals as well as custom designed products to display in your home. They also include a personal mobile gallery app of all your images so you can have them right in the palm of you hand at all times! Most people choose a combination of ePortraits and physical products.

Do I need pro hair and makeup?

It’s 100% up to you, however if you ask me I say absolutely not! I want you to look and feel like YOU in your pics and if that means simple hair styling and minimal makeup…I’m down. If you are the kind of gal that wants to go full glam…go for it! There are a few session options so you can get the exact experience that you want. DIY your look or go pro or meet in the middle. There is even an option for Photo Ready Makeup Enhancement which means you apply your own face base (whatever that may be) and I help with the rest; eyeshadow, contour, blush and lips. Then you finish with your own lashes or mascara. Find out more info on all the session options the Senior Magazine, contact me for your digital copy.

How does a session work? Do i have to come up with my own poses and locations?

You have nothing to worry about, I got you. I’m going to match your outfits with the perfect spot for your style and outfit choice within (or close to) the town we are in. Then I show you exactly how to pose and direct you from behind the camera, even including when to be serious, smile or making you laugh. The photo shoot is super fun and easy going. We meet at the first location and start from there. I even bring a portable changing tent so you don’t have to go in any questionable bathrooms along the way.

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Yes please! I love it when friends join in on the fun. They can be there to help with your outfits and styling and act as the “hair police”. Sometimes I have them assist me with the reflector and I almost always have them take over my SnapChat story for BTS! And, of course, they jump in a photo or two. Bring your bestie, significant partner or sibling and of course a parent or guardian should also come along. Mom, get yourself picture ready and get in front of the camera too!