Elisa - class of 2017

Elisa was supposed to have her senior photo shoot last week, but it was too dang hot!  So we picked a new day and got so lucky!  We scored a perfect partly cloudy day in the 80's with a slight breeze.  I met Elisa and her mom outside of the IMU in Iowa City and from there explored the various art buildings on campus, old and new.

We started out at the Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories taking advantage of the modern silver reflection and neutral tones.   I've known (and photographed) Elisa for quote a few years so needless to say the session started off without a hitch!

From there we ventured over the river to the old Art Building and found the prefect location for her second outfit.  I love the old windows and moss growing in between the bricks.  

After making a quick change in the portable changing room we crossed the street and found some crazy foliage to get a more natural feel.  Then ended up at Art Building West for the final outfit of the day before getting locked out of the west high track where we had panned some track pics.  Don't worry, we'll finish her photo shoot soon showcasing her amazing running skills.  

THANKS ELISA for an amazing session, I had a blast!