Bethany, class of 2017

Bethany contacted me for an early spring photo shoot, even though she doesn't graduate for over a year.  Why?  Because she spends her whole summer teaching kids at a christian summer camp and wanted to have her senior portraits done before she left!  Needless to say I was not surprised when she told me how much she loves nature and the outdoors and that she wanted to portray that in her senior portraits.  The photo above is one of my favorites from the session.  It was the very last set of images we did at Iowa City Park.  I love the dreamy morning sunlight with the first flowers of spring.  For most of her session you can't even tell that we never left town!

We met for her photo shoot near the University of Iowa School of Nursing and explored the campus grounds around that area.  There were so many amazing locations that showcased the time of year and perfectly matched the look Bethany was going for.  

Thanks Bethany for an amazing portrait experience, I cant wait to deliver your order very soon!