Nathaniel - class of 2017


I would have to say that this photo shoot with Nathaniel was one of the most interesting this year.  He is super smart and surrounds himself with super smart friends.  I had so much fun learning about the dynamics of the group and aspirations of both Nathaniel and his good friend Valerie who came along to assist.  I truly believe they will do great things for our planet and the people who inhabit it.


We ventured around the downtown Iowa City area looking for spots to compliment Nathaniel's personality and style.  Valerie was kind enough to do some snapping for me.  Make sure to add me on snap chat (je.photog) to catch BTS of other photo shoots and shenanigans


Nathaniel, thank you so much for spending an afternoon with me.  I had fun talking with you and Valerie.  So much luck to you wherever you decide to continue your education!