Why offer makeup enhancement?

We all want to stand out in the photography field right?  That means finding something different to offer than the next guy down the street.  You might choose a different album company or have a totally unique post processing style, but it's not always easy to stand out in the crowd.  One way I differentiate myself among competition is offering a few different session types for senior clients to choose from.  I have a basic session that is fewer outfits and no makeup, usually guys choose this one.  I also have an "all-inclusive" session that has tons of outfits and includes pro hair and makeup for those that want a full on luxury experience.  But my favorite session, and the most popular by far, is a session that lands right in the middle.  Just the right amount of outfits and Photo-Ready Makeup Enhancement.

What is Photo-Ready Makeup Enhancement?

Just that...enhancement.  The senior comes to the session with foundation and concealer already applied and I do the rest.  There are tons of makeup trends right now that don't photograph very well, like shimmery highlighters and very nude lips.  These thing look great in person but for a photograph aren't the best choice.  You don't want your client looking like a shiny face with no lips right?  Don't worry,  it doesn't take much to give them a "no makeup makeup" look and it's easy and fun too!

Want to start your own makeup kit?  Here are some essentials...


PROFESSIONAL BRUSHES.  You wont believe how much easier makeup application is with a good set of brushes.  Morphe and Royal & Langnickel both offer full sets at reasonable prices.

BLUSH.  Elf Cosmetics has these two blush pallets that include a color for any skin tone and are very easy on the wallet!


DISPOSABLE APPLICATORS are a must!  Essential items are:  mascara wands, lip wands, sponges, makeup remover wipes and Q-tips.  You can get these and a variety of disposable applicators at Sally Beauty Supply


MULTI-PURPOSE PALLET with matt contour shades.  I found this pallet by Smashbox at Sephora (online) and it includes a few things you don't want to be without;  two of which are contour/highlight shades with NO shimmer and brow wax.  It also includes a few nice eyeshadow shades and two brow filler tones.


LIP COLORS.  Lips are the last thing to put the finishing touch on a makeup look.  Have a wide variety of colors available.  Some of my favorites are from ColourPop or you could get a pallet that includes colors you can use alone or mix for a perfect shade like this one by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  

Other things in my kit that I LOVE and highly recommend...

Morphe Eye Shadow Pallets

Covergirl Lashblast Mascara (bc it comes with a cap that's not an applicator)

Setting Spray - Urban Decay All Nighter or Elf

Victoria Secret Vanilla Lotion (bugs don't like it)

BandAids and Headache medicine

Hand Sanitizer

bathmat - for customer to sit on the back of my SUV

rags - for wiping brushes or just random cleaning of things

big floppy hat to protect hair and makeup from drizzle/wind while on or en route to location


*Please note that I am not a licensed Esthetician and have all my customers sign a waver that they are aware of that.  It is not illegal to apply makeup without a license in Iowa.  I do not have this service listed for sale on my pricing nor do I advertise that I am a makeup artist.  Thank You for stopping by, I hope this info was helpful!