Ali - class of 2017

Ali's photo shoot was so much fun, especially after getting to know her and some of her volleyball teammates at their poster shoot.  We started out at a local park in Iowa City with cool old bridge and some great fall foliage.  Little did I know her bestie would show up with a neat woven blanket.  You'll have to stay tuned on Snap Chat to catch a glimpse when her gallery goes live.

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After dodging some garbage and making friends with a chipmunk Ali added a bit to her makeup look and we ventured into an ally to find an interesting rooftop.  I was a little slippery but I managed to stay on my feet and get some really fun images!  After that I wanted to find a casual lighter toned area to compliment her fuzzy cream sweater.  Ali's session was full of laughs and a truly great time.  

Thanks for a really fun photo shoot Ali!  Good luck with the rest of your volleyball season, I can't wait for you to see the full proof gallery!

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