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How to save for senior Pics

It’s no secret, professional portraits are expensive. No matter whether you are a senior commemorating senior year, a bride getting married or a family celebrating that stage in life, portraits are an important way to remember those times in the future and should be an investment. Especially if your photographer has years of experience and training. But not to worry, I’ve put together a few ways you can save up for pics, make a little extra cash or get discounts and credits towards pictures.

Use cash and save change

Give your debit card a rest and take out some cash to use for spending. Keep a pouch in your car and a jar on your dresser, any time you get change toss it in and watch it build up. It might seem silly but every penny counts and you might be surprised how fast it adds up.

DIY Mani/Pedis and Coffee at home

Skip the nail salon and coffee shop for a while. Add the money you would have spent at those places to your change jar. Painting your nails is fun and you might find that coffee made at home can be just as good as Starbucks

Have a yard sale

Ask your parents if there is extra clutter laying around. Go through your closets and find cloths to sell. How about those books you probably wont pick up again? You can even sell nicer pieces of cloths and jewelry on facebook super easy.

Hustle Hustle Hustle

Pick up a few extra hours at work or cover someone else’s shift every now and then. Do more babysitting or ask family, friends and neighbors if they need help with any odd jobs or chores.

Do activities with friends that are FREE!

There are so many ways to have fun with friends that don’t cost any money! Spend time in the out of doors; camp in your back yard, go for a beach trip, hiking, picnic or bike ride. Find free festivals or live music to attend. Have a movie night at home or host a board game party. Get creative and create memories that can save money for you and your friends. They’ll love you for it.

Thrift and Borrow

Need to update your wardrobe or get some fresh pieces for your session? Hit up the thrift store and find some high quality brands for just a few bucks. Or better yet, raid your friends closets. We all have that super stylish friend that can put together the best outfits. Ask them if you can shop their closet with the promise to return the cloths clean and in good condition. This is a great way to add a funky pair of heels or just the right jean jacket to your own outfits.

Follow your photog early

Find your fave photog and follow them on social media! Get in on early bird sales or giveaways. Find out if they have a referral program or a model team for discounts. Did you know that once you book a senior session with me you have the chance to earn referral credits if your friends book too? You get $50 towards order if your friend books and mentions you sent them. AND guess what?!? Your friend also gets $50 off their order. Word-of-mouth referrals are the best and any photographer would be grateful to have you spreading the word for them.

Thanks for reading through these money saving tips. I hope this sparked some ideas on how you can start saving for your senior portraits. My calendar is filling up fast, don’t wait to book your senior session and start referring your friends before they pick their senior photog.